maadhaar app: How to download Maadhar for Android,IOS

Maadhar is an app designed and developed by UIDAI Government, For people to access their aadhar card information in this small mobile app. In this post, I am going to tell you about the maadhar and will give you the guide to use Maadhar app. Instead of going to webpages of uidai aadhar, You can access your information right here from the mobile app. The Maadhar App takes less than fifteen  (15 MB ) storage from your phone. This app is now available in Playstore/ App store. In IOS, It has lots of bugs and still, it is not fixed. But in Android, it works well.

How to download Maadhar app for Android / IOS…..

Step1: Go to Google Play store Search MAadhar, You will Find Maadhar App right above in the first place, Then Download it.

P.S: There are lots of Fake apps Available in the name Maadhar, Please Don’t download


Step1: You can download Direct from the link click here!

Step2: Allow permission to access, If required.

Step3: After the successful install, Set 4 digit password.

Step4: You have to enter your aadhar card no. to proceed further.

Step5: Now you will receive an OTP number from aadhar official on your registered phone number.

Step6: Boom, Now you can access your aadhar information right here from the mobile.

What is TOTP, How to use it?

Some instance, Getting OTP From aadhar officials takes time, But Now you can get your Aadhar OTP From the amazing Maadhar App. Yes, In MAAdhar app you will find TOTP option, To enable this you must have internet connection or wifi connection on your mobile phone. You have to apply the given OTP under 30 seconds. After 30 seconds it will get refresh and you will get a new Time based one-time password. (TOTP).

Where I Find TOTP IN Maadhar app?

Step1: Login to Maadhar app, Use your 4 digit pin to login.

Step2: Select your profile and in the Lower half of the app, You will find a “TOTP” option.

Step3: Click on the TOTP option to “show TOTP”.

Ste4: You will redirect to a new window, In this window, you will find your TOTP.

Step5: The OTP will there for only 30 sec, After that it will get refresh and you will able to find another OTP.

Advantages of having Maadhar app…

If you have Maadhar app in your mobile, Then no worry about to carry the aadhar card with you. Maadhar app provides all aadhar details and information right here on your mobile.

Once you register your aadhar detail with the maadhar app, You need not worry about the OTP, You can use the TOTP facility which available in the maadhar app.

Show the QR code for the Quick Access to your aadhar details.

You can LOCK and Unlock your biometric details with using this Maadhar app easily.

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