Eaadhar: How to download eaadhar card online? (2020) full guide

Do you want to Download Aadhar Card?

Or Want to Know What is Eaadhar

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  • 1 What is Aadhar Card?
  • 2 How to Download the E Aadhaar Card?
  • 3 How to Update your Aadhar Card?
  • 4 How to Check Aadhar Card Status?
  • 5 How to Link Aadhar Card with Your Voter ID?
  • 6 Link Aadhar card with your Voter Card (2nd Method)
  • 7 Link Aadhar with your Mobile Number?
  • 8 How to Enroll for New Aadhar Card?
  • 9 You need these proof to confirm your name,
  • 10 For Address proof, you can use.
  • 11 For Date of birth, you can use,
  • 12 Conclusion

What is Aadhar Card?

Every country has a unique way to identify their citizens among the immigrants and others. In India, Aadhar is an initiative carried out by the Indian government. The Indian citizens have to apply for the Aadhaar card to get the 12-digits of the unique identification number, which is a must identification card. The whole initiative is carried out by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), who is responsible for managing the entire enterprise.

How to Download the E Aadhaar Card?

Downloading the Aadhar card is an easy process. First, you must apply for the Aadhar card, which takes a little effort. Follow the steps we are about to show to you for guidance.

Step 1: Visit the official site: eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in

Step 2: Now click on the “Download Aadhaar” option. A new Windows will pop-up.

Step 3:  You have to select the option between “Enrolment Id” or “Aadhar.” If you are downloading first the first time, then select “Enrolment ID, ” or Aadhar card is issued but not delivered to you then you can download it select Enrolment ID.

  1. You have to type in the Enrolment ID.
  2. Full name as shown on Aadhar card.
  3. Pin code.
  4. Enter the “Captcha Code.”
  5. You have to enter the registered mobile number.

Step 4: Now its time for you to click on the “Get one-time password.”

Step 5: Make sure to have your smartphone close to you and when you receive the message, enter the one time password, then click on “Validate and Download.”

Your Eaadhar download will begin, and you will be asked to provide a password, which happens to be the PIN CODE of your area.

Note: The aadhar card which will be downloaded in pdf format will have password protection. The password for your file is the pin code which you entered, Eg. For me it is 110003. You need adobe reader or any other similar software to open pdf files.

How to Update your Aadhar Card?

As time is passing by there are plenty of things implemented by the UIDAI. The authority is making enough arrangements for the citizens to ensure that they don’t face any problems, when it comes Applying, Updating and downloading the Aadhar card.

Step 1: You must know your Aadhar number, which you can get online or contact the customer care for more.

Step 2: Go to the nearest Aadhar center, where you have to provide proof of Address Change.

Tip: You can submit recent electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, and bank statement.

Step 3: You don’t need photographs or any other proofs.

Step 4: Biometric – fingerprint, and retina will re-scanned. A photo of you will be taken on the scene for the recent photograph.

You will receive a message from the UIDAI regarding the submission, and within few days your Aadhar card will be updated. If you don’t you can contact SSUP: Aadhar self-service update portal.

Check out our full guide on Aadhar card update

How to Check Aadhar Card Status?

After you have applied for the Aadhar card, you can check the aadhar status of your registration to know what is going on with it. You can check the status using the official site.

Step 1: Go to the official site from here.

Step 2: You have to enter the enrolment number, which you can find on your Aadhar card.

Note: You have to type both Enrolment number and date & time during apply, Which you can find on your Aadhar card enrolment receipt. We have highlighted in the snapshot, so take a bright look at it.

Step 3: You have to enter the security code or captcha code.

Step 4: Once you have typed correct information, then click on the “Check Status.”

Step 5: If you have typed incorrect information, then you will have to re-check again.

Now you can check the Aadhar card status anytime, till you have it in your palms.

How to Link Aadhar Card with Your Voter ID?

The previous government aim was to replace all government identification cards like the PAN card, Driving license, and Government cards, etc. The Aadhaar card is the final form of a unique card that will be used to recognize the Indian citizens in India.

The most straightforward method provided by the UIDAI is SMS process. The texting service allows you to send a message from your registered number to the UIDAI to link your EPIC card.

Step 1: Create a message.

Step 2: Type <EPIC number or Voter ID card number > Space <Your Aadhar card number>, then send it to 166 OR 51969.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation number from the UIDAI.

Link Aadhar card with your Voter Card (2nd Method)

Step 1: You have to keep the Aadhar card and Voter ID card near you. (Make sure they are the recent ones)

Step 2: Pick up your phone and dial 1950. They are available from 10 AM – 7 PM. On weekends, they are available from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Step 3: The customer care will ask you to provide the information but do not worry, whatever you need is available on the Voter card and Aadhar cardWhich is why we have asked you to keep it close till the call ends.

If you are a technical person, who can handle online version, then follow our lead.

Step 1: Vist the official site from here.

Note: You can translate the page into English using Google Chrome inbuilt option from above. You can check the snapshot for instructions.

Step 2: You have to the entry information in the empty blank fields, you must keep both cards closer. Remember, every info asked in the empty areas are present in the cards, so check those first, then type.

  1. Name: Use your voter id card and type the name.
  2. Age: Displayed on your cards.
  3. Gender.
  4. Father’s name: Optional.
  5. State and District or You can use the map option, which will identify your location + district name.
  6. Assembly Constituency: If you don’t know, then Google it.
  7. Enter the captcha code below, and click on Search.

The linking option will show up, and you have to use your Aadhar card details to complete the linking process.

The linking process is now finished.

Aadhar card is an initiative led by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) that allows every Indian resident a unique number to prove that they are from India. If you have lost your Aadhar card or misplaced then you should report and get a duplicate card from the UIDAI.

Any person who has a unique number can get a duplicate, in case if the Aadhar card is lost or misplaced. As long as you have your Registration slip, Message, Email, and or anything that relates to the Aadhar card, anyone can get a duplicate card without any hassle, all you have to do is to follow the rules and regulations, which we are about to show in the tutorial.

How to download Duplicate Aadhaar card?

The procedure is extremely easy and anyone can do this.

#1 How to Find My Aadhar Details?

Step 1: Go to the Official Site.

Step 2: Another tab will open and you will be redirected to this page

Step 3: Enter your full name. (You have to type the exact name on the Aadhar card)

Step 4: Now enter your email address.

Step 5: Enter your registered mobile number.

Step 6: Enter the security code, which will confirm whether you are a bot or not.

Step 7: Now click on “Send OTP.” Find your mobile and keep it close to you until the process comes to an end.

Step 8: It does take some time but you will receive the OTP. Remember, the OTP will be sent to your mobile number and Email at the same time, which means you get two options.

Step 9: Now type your OTP in the empty section.

Step 10: Now click on “Verify OTP.”

This is not the end.

#2 How to get Duplicate Aadhar Card? 

Step 1: Now go the given link and select an appropriate “Enrollment Id” OR “Aadhaar”, you can select whatever information you have received in your mobile.

Step 2:  Type in information such as given below

  • Enrolment ID/Aadhaar Number.
  • Full Name.
  • Pin Code.
  • Image.
  • Enter Image Text.
  • Mobile number.

Step 3: When all the required information is completed, click on the “Get OTP.”

Step 4: An Email and Message will be sent to you with the OTP and you have to type in the area below.

Step 5: Click on Validate and Download aadhar.

Boom, you have the file started to download on your screen and you should be able to open it and print it. However, a password will be added to it and you have to enter your area pin code, which you have added in the Aadhar card during the enrollment time.


We have shown you how to find out the details of your Aadhar card first then you can start downloading it as many times you from here. Remember, the Aadhar card will become one identity be cared replacing the PAN card and Voter id sooner or later, so understand the magnitude and importance of the card and you must report it to the officials when it is lost or else you may have to regret it later on. OR you can give a try with aadhar download by name and date of birth